Earsonics was founded in 2005 by Franck Lopez, a musician and sound engineer, who, unhappy with the quality of in-ear monitors available at the time decided to create his own.

In 2006, he begins to offer his creation for sale and enjoys immediate success, even equipping the biggest French music tour at the time. Earsonics was born !

Franck then decided to release a mainstream model which would appeal to markets outside of France…the SM3. The resulting product reviews expanded product awareness into the Asian and North American markets, with the SM3 considered the finest earphone ever tested.

In 2012, Earsonics launches the first universal 6 driver earphone in the world, the S-EM6. Entirely made by hand, its musical qualities garner universal praise in numerous tests.

In 2016, Franck decides to create the best universal earphone in the world, using the many advances and technologies developed up to that point – the S-EM9. With nine drivers and three exit ports per side, the aim was to be able to listen to music exactly as it had been recorded.

From its very beginning, Earsonics has always been associated with professional musicians, and it is by developing products for this industry that it has been able to offer earphones of exceptional quality to the discerning public.

All Earsonics earphones have been tested in the harshest conditions possible… live!, with the most demanding people… musicians, sound engineers and singers. This is our guarantee of quality.

For Earsonics, the most important criteria about listening to sound is absolute precision – just like the original recording, no effects or modifications – just reality.