We are manufacturing a full shell earpiece, hence the need for a full ear impression, including the ear canal (as deep as possible), the helix and the conch of your ear (the paste should come out of your ear – see pictures)
While taking the impression, the best position is to slightly open your mouth (1 to 2 cm) to obtain an average mold of the ear canal, and stay in this position (no grimacing, laughing…) until the paste is set. If you have more questions about imprints, do not hesitate to contact us.


Isolation from competing stage noises is essential to hear the signal coming out of your in-ears clearly and, mostly, at a safe loudness level. This is one of in-ears monitors’ most important benefits to obtain a nice listening level without damaging your hearing. The idea is simple: your brain perceives loudness based on signal to noise ratio. If you are for instance listening to your stereo, driving your car with open windows, the faster you’ll drive the less you’ll hear the music. If you close the window, you will feel like the music is louder but it’s not: it’s just the ambient noise that has been reduced, and you now perceive a clearer sound. The same applies to in-ears. The more you will be using them, the more you will be looking for this isolation to have the best sonic quality and a nice listening level. However, you can use ambiance microphones to re-inject some external room sounds to your mix so you won’t feel totally isolated from your audience.

Yes, to use them on stage you will need a personal monitoring system (hardwired or wireless). Sennheiser’s IEW 300 or 2000 series will give you great results. You can also use a small mixer or a headphone amplifier. For portable devices like iPods or mp3 players, you don’t need anything else.

We currently accept all mayor Credit Cards, Check and Bank transfer.

Yes, we use UPS Worldwide which takes 1 to 6 working days depending on your country and location.

Once you’ve made your payment and we receive your impressions, the manufacturing process takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on lab demand.

Yes of course ! Send us an email and our experts will be pleased to answer you quickly – contact@earsonics.com